A month of festivities

A month of festivities

Acharya Habba

Acharya Habba, the techno-cultural festival of Acharya Institutes, was recently held on the college campus.

The fest was, without doubt, a grand affair — around thirty thousand students from forty different colleges across the City took part in it. The fest went on for around a month, and was launched in a thoroughly unconventional manner — with a flash mob.

The habba had a grand total of 33 different events, some of which were off-stage, and others which were performed in front of a large audience on the final three days of the extravaganza.

The host of events were varied — they included a ‘cyclotron’, a marathon, an ethnic day, a ‘rangoli’ competition, a math lecture competition, mathematics quiz, a treasure hunt, ‘Mad Ads’, ‘Fun Speak’, a street play event, a rock show and an on-the-spot programming event, to name a few. Various computer gaming events, like CS and NFS were also held, along with a group dance competition, a duet-dance event, and a pageant called ‘Mr and Mrs Habba’.

Students who were of a creative bent got to showcase their talents on a variety of fronts — creative advertisement, vegetable carving, fireless cooking, face-painting, and singing competitions, of the group and solo variety, were also held. A photography exhibition was organised, and a show based on the popular ‘America’s Got Talent’, called ‘Acharya’s Got Talent’ was also held.

The unique aspect of the habba was that it was planned and executed entirely by the student population of the college, and hence retained a youthful energy and fun-filled atmosphere. The fest was given a truly international touch, because students from countries like Tanzania, Iraq, Bhutan, China, Congo, Afghanistan and even South Korea participated in it.

On the first day of the on-stage events, Radhakrishna Pallakki, a director from the Kannada film industry, was present. The students were delighted to see him.

On the second day, another director, Mahesh Sukadhare, was present. He was accompanied by Mano Murthy, the music director. On the last day, Sandalwood actor Prem and child prodigy Shreya Dinakar visited the campus. Prem sung one of his own hit numbers, ‘Nenapirali Kurakkuk Rallikere’. The fest came to a close with a bright display of fireworks.