'JD(S) will fortify itself'

'JD(S) will fortify itself'

JD(S) spokesperson Mahendra Kumar informed that JD(S) will take measures to strengthen the party from grassroots level in this area.

He said party high command has not accepted the resignation letter forwarded by district president Deviprasad Shetty owing moral responsibility to the poor show of the party in the recently concluded Udupi-Chikmagalur Lok Sabha by polls.

Speaking to the media persons he said the Congress has taken undue advantage following the voters’ strong thirst to keep away BJP from power. “It is not Congress’ role as tough opposition that bagged them success. Instead it was voters’ decision not to favor the BJP, which clinched the Congress to success. JD(S) will take all measures to prove that JD(S) is the only strong rival of BJP in coming days,” he said adding that it was the propaganda tactics followed by the Congress that worked against the JD(S). 

Kumar said all JD(S) leaders equally take the responsibility of the failure and sincere attempts will be made in future to overcome the failure. 

“We do agree that party lacks proper organizational background in this area. However we are successful in making a strong base for the party during this Lok Sabha by poll. We will take forward the work and measures will be chalked out to build sturdy structure for the party. In future party will work for youths, minorities and the downtrodden”, he said.