Haystack destroyed to ashes in Arsikere

Haystack destroyed to ashes in Arsikere

More than 40 bullock cart loads of haystack was destroyed to ashes due to accidental fire mishap at Kadalamage village in Arsikere taluk on Monday. Along with the hay, wooden furniture that was kept nearby was also engulfed in flames.

Six bullock cart loads of ragi hay that was stored behind the house of Mallappa and Rajappa of the village caught fire accidentally and were completely gutted. 

The fire also spread  and around 30 loads of hay belonging to farmer Shankarappa was also burnt to ashes. Six loads of hay of Siddanna and a small shed constructed to park vehicles were also damaged.

Alert farmers

The farmers, on spotting the fire, immediately informed the fire tenders, who struggled to put off the fire. 

The village is reeling under drought as there is no sufficient water supply and by the time the fire tenders arrived at the spot, the villagers joined hands and tried to douse the flames with the water stored in their homes, which averted a major mishap, as the fire would have otherwise spread and caused extensive damage as there are several houses at the dalit colony nearby, said eye witnesses. 

But, the fire tenders reached the spot and were successful in dousing the fire.