New sewage sucker machine for Koppa TP

New sewage sucker machine for Koppa TP

The Koppa Town Panchayat has decided to replace the sewage sucker machine that had caused the death of three municipal workers.

The decision was taken at the general body meeting which was presided over by Town Panchayat President Umesh Seth.

The main demand of the members was that the new machine has to be suitable for the roads and should be transported easily.

The house decided to return the old machine.

Speaking about water woes in the region, Member Mabel Terrison said that many people waste water. “Some consumers use the water for their gardens. This is affecting many families who cannot manage to get even one container of water per day,” Terrison said.

Responding to this the President said that consumers who waste water will be warned and in case the attitude continues the water connection will be disconnected.

It was decided to asphalt the Housing Board Colony road at the cost of Rs 4.5 lakhs, develop the crematorium and burial grounds of all religions at Rs 2.93 lakhs , lay concrete road at Bhajana Mandir road and construct a playground for Navachethana school.