'Sudeep is a great co-star'

'Sudeep is a great co-star'


Sameera Reddy can’t contain her excitement when she talks about the experience of shooting for her first Kannada film, Varadhanayaka, in which she plays a substantial role opposite Sudeep.

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Two days of shooting in the City and Sameera is impressed with the discipline and commitment of the cast and crew of the film. “Kannada films are not only commercial but have a sensibility and sensitivity about them. The industry is changing and growing by the day,” feels Sameera, after her first day of shooting for the film.

And she’s really thrilled that her mother, a business woman and a Kannadiga, has taken off from her busy schedule to accompany her on her first leg of shooting. “I am happy that my mother decided to come along with me. After I’ve begun shooting, I realised that I am grasping the language faster than Tamil. In addition to shooting, my mother and I are also taking some time out to go shopping for our new home,” Sameera tells Metrolife in an exclusive interview.

Sameera is happy with the choice of the film and says that working opposite Sudeep is a great learning experience. “Sudeep is a great co-star. Being a director himself, Sudeep gets to the soul of the film pretty fast. And since I don’t know the language very well, people are warm enough to help me with it. What’s also nice is the intimate relationship Sudeep and Chiranjeevi Sarja share as brothers in the movie. Chiru is fun to be with,” Sameera says.

The first half of the movie has Sameera appear in a glamourous role and in the second half, she switches to a traditional look as Sudeep’s wife. Talking about her choice of films, she says, “I go by my instincts and follow my heart. That’s what I did even when I signed this project. It’s a family-oriented subject that’s struck a neat balance between comedy and emotion,” she points out.
This is the sixth industry that Sameera is working in.

She’s also listening to a Telugu script and is on the verge of choosing between a big budget Telugu film and a Tamil project. “It’s a tough choice for me to make,” she avers. Sameera has always had a soft corner for Bangalore and says that if there is any city in the country that she would choose to make her home, it would be Bangalore. “I wouldn’t mind taking a few days off just to chill in Bangalore. The hotel where I stay is a like a mini forest and I haven’t missed my morning walk since I came to the City. People here say that it’s hot but I think the weather is fabulous,” she signs off.