Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home

Rat race, jealousy, oneupmanship, deceit, lies and tension have become an inevitable component of modern life.

This can be a very exhausting experience which manifests itself as unreasonable anger and disgust. Invariably, we are at the receiving end of negative energy. Parents, spouses, siblings, close friends and relatives bear the brunt of emotional and sometimes even physical assault.

There are several instances of people who are stressed out resorting to either neglecting their families or entangle themselves into the wily web of deception. Some of them try to assuage their troubled conscience by resorting to materialistic pleasures.

A casual look around us will reveal that our society is teeming with dishonest and irresponsible people. These people not only make lives miserable for themselves but also for everyone associated with them. If we want to wake up to a cleaner society, we must identify our faults and work on them.

Recently, a restaurant owner in central China decided not to entertain customers who neglect their aged parents and cheat on their spouses after observing a dip in the morals of the people around him.

He has made his stand amply clear by mentioning the conditions as essential requirements to avail his services. The decision taken by the restaurateur seems to be impractical and foolhardy in at a time when a shrewd businessman knows that the customer is king. The general public is curious to know how he is going to screen his clientele. The owner apparently has no qualifying tests. He feels that sooner or later, his unique step will work on the minds of people and possibly on their conscience and they will endeavour to rectify their flaws and take pride in patronising his restaurant.

The restaurant owner’s mentality can be compared to the CEO of a leading brand who did not seem to be too worried about the market being flooded with cheap imitations of his brand. He knew that people opted for duplicates because they could not afford the original or simply wanted to pass them off as originals. In either case their behaviour indicated that they were aware of the fact. Their awareness would eventually encourage them to either work hard to possess the branded product or simply stop deceiving themselves.

It is time to shake ourselves from our moral complacence and make a beginning by denying ourselves of some perk until our moral dents are straightened. After all, charity begins at home!