Fraudsters have a field day amid paper leaks

Fraudsters have a field day amid paper leaks

Conmen prepare their own set of questions; SMSes drown students

The II PU question paper leaks seems to have opened up new avenues for opportunists to make a quick buck.

Already struggling to cope with the revised examination time table, many students in the City again received a set of questions through SMS and some through phone calls on Monday.

While the PU Department’s efforts to plug loopholes may have given confidence to the officials - who denied “rumours” of another leak of the Physics paper - which was rescheduled for Tuesday, the students remained confused.

A Central Crime Branch (CCB) official said the rumours late on Monday night were not completely baseless and that some questions, a few of which tallied with the revised paper on Tuesday, were in circulation.

“One of the persons, who had earlier received money promising the new paper, resorted to dirty tactics. He copied some common questions from a II PU Physics guide and handed it over to the person he took money from,” the official told Deccan Herald.

He did not deny chances of those questions having been circulated Monday night. However, he said, they had not detained the person, named Sashi.

“He is not connected with the racket and we found no additional information after interrogating him. So, we treated this as an isolated case which did not cause any harm,” he said.

DPUE officials said some of these questions may have tallied because every year’s question papers are set from a pool of important and ‘required’ questions in sync with the curriculum.

“It is bound to match. Even if you pick up a guide or even past years’ papers, some questions will match,” an official said.

On Monday evening, there were rumours that the question paper was leaked again. However, no confirmation was made to substantiate them. 

Students, many of whom Deccan Herald spoke to, also did not want to believe this as they were not willing for another change in the schedule. 

A few students got a text message containing a few of the questions. The similarities between the Physics paper leaked on Monday night and the one distributed on Tuesday tallied up to 33 marks, sufficient for any student to clear the exam. 

Questions that tallied were question number 12 (2 marks), 21 (2 marks), 29 (5 marks), 35 (5 marks), 38 (5 marks), 39 b (4 marks), 40 a, b, c (10 marks). Students expressed no surprise at this. In fact, many students told Deccan Herald that they had been receiving questions in every subject on the previous day of the exam. Students do not know where it originates from and say they cannot be bothered about it. 

One of the students claimed that a few of the bigger colleges in the city were the hubs for securing the papers. 

He said that the usual method is that one student manages to get hold of the “leaked” question paper and the students gather at a pre-decided venue the night before the exam where the questions are discussed. Text messages are sent later, which spread in no time.

Since it is an SMS, the problem is not restricted to the city alone.