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The Sangha had organised a variety of programmes - Carnatic, Hindustani, Sugam Sangeeth - both vocal and instrumental music, by popular artistes.
People in large numbers enjoyed both music and food (a number of regional dishes) in the specially erected spacious pandal on A P S College Grounds, Basavanagudi.
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, who gave a flute recital here on Wednesday, is a internationally acclaimed artiste. A recipient of several national awards like Padmabhushan and Central Sangeeth Natak Academi award, Pandit Chaurasia has also tuned music for a few films.
Like a cultural ambassador he has performed in many countries. With these
background a large gathering waited for the concert, which started much beyond schedule. But they were not disappointed! Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia opened the concert with Raag Behag. The unfolding was leisurely and reposeful.
Touching the pivotal swaras Panditji evoked an ideal atmosphere. It appealed as much by the melody as the 'bhava', sans thrills and gimmicks.
He gave a comparatively condensed version of Jaijaiwanti. But was perfectly in consonance with the beauty and 'bhava' of the raga.
There were more occasions for the enjoyment than for
vociferous applause, as it was a soulful music. Tabla
accompaniment by Vijay Ghate fulfiled the needs of the

Talented vocalist
Seasoned singer: Gayathri Gireesh
Gayathri Gireesh, who is not a stranger to connoisseurs of music of Bangalore, sang under the joint auspices of the Bangalore Gayana Samaja and Karnataka Ganakala Parishat.
The familiar Shahana Varna gave Gayathri a good start.
 ‘Sri Mahaganapathi’ was a fine invocatary piece and old timers favourite ‘Palukuvade’ brought nostalgic memory! ‘Shiva Shiva’ was pleasing and the ‘Chethasri’ was sung in a majestic ‘Vilamba kaala’. The ‘Bhajare Rechitha’ found Gayathri again in her elements in melodic output. Keeravani alapana, thana and pallavi set to sankeerna triputa tala, proved to be a measure of her artistic insight of a seasoned singer.
‘Vanchitho’ of Muthaiah Bhagawathar and ‘Thamburi Meetidava’- were sweetly rendered in the end. Apart from her melodious voice her talent and musical accomplishment were vindicated throughout and Gayathri's career is worth watching. She was ably supported by M S Govinda Swamy on violin, B C Manjunath on mridanga and Vyasavittala on khanjari. The programme was held in memory of Vidwan late Swaramurthy V N Rao.

Lively vocal
Sri Rama Seva Mandali also celebrated the Ganeshotsava with music (vocal, nadaswara), bhajan and religious rituals at Rama Mandira, Rajajinagar. Reputed musician S Shankar opened his vocal concert here with varna briskly. The swara for the “Sree Mahaganapathim Bhaje” was brief but lively. Another composition on Ganapathi ‘Siddivinayakam’ was spaciously expanded. Both ‘Sharanu Sharade’ and ‘Naada Thanumanisham’ - were rendered in quick succession. The exposition of ‘Sarojadalanethri’ was fairly detail. Connoisseurs enjoyed the flowering of the raga which was appealing.  Devotionals like - Manave Manthralaya, Srikantha Enagistu and Jagadoddarana - were rendered with good feeling. Charulatha Ramanujam on violin and V Krishna on mridanga, accompanied with good understanding.

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