'We will lift the cup this year'

'We will lift the cup this year'

Politically correct

Ramya has it going really well for her on the acting front. She has been cast as the lead in director Kodi Ramakrishna’s first Kannada film and she can’t wait for the Indian Premier League (IPL) to roll in.

Excited : Ramya

Somehow, she seems confident that Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will lift the cup this year. “I am sure we will lift the cup this time. With Chris Gayle and Virat, both exceptional players, I am waiting for some fireworks on the ground.

If Virat and Gayle open the match, I am sure they will finish the game in no time,” Ramya tells Metrolife. Ramya is going to be there for the IPL opening ceremony in Chennai and she says that she thanks the Mallya clan for choosing her to be the brand ambassador this year as well.

“In fact, I am flying down from Switzerland just to be here for the opening ceremony,” she adds.

In addition to signing a couple of projects, Ramya is also going to produce two or three movies. In one film she will play the role of a crime journalist while she will produce and act in ‘Calcutta Sada,’ a Kannada film.

Ramya has also got an international recognition. She has been selected as a ‘Global Shaper’ by the World Economic Forum and she is thrilled about it. “I can’t wait to get my hands on the certificate. It means a lot to me — a responsibility that comes with the recognition of helping shape the youth. I want to help as many young people as possible realise their dreams,” she reasons.

Ramya has been shuttling between her shooting schedules and political work but she says there’s a lot more that she would like to do. “As an actress and as a politician, I would like to start a campaign to get every Indian to vote against corruption and I have
already made a start in this direction,” she says rather confidently.

When asked about her fiance, Raphael and whether a wedding date has been fixed, Ramya confesses that Raphael is very supportive of her work.

“People in his country are very open-minded unlike ours. Marriage will happen soon,” she sums up.