Crack forces Qantas flight to land in Fiji

Crack forces Qantas flight to land in Fiji

 A Qantas jet carrying 200 passengers to Hawaii was forced to land in Fiji after pilots discovered a crack in aircraft's windscreen.

The passengers on board QF3 from Sydney to Honolulu     spent an unexpected night in Nadi after the 1.9-centimetre crack was discovered on the Boeing 767's inner windscreen, according to 'The Age' newspaper.

A Qantas spokesman said pilots took a conservative approach to safety and decided to divert to Nadi mid-way through the flight to allow engineers to examine the defect.

"The aircraft windscreen is multi-layered, made up of separate internal and external panes of glass as well as a vinyl sheet through the middle," the spokesman said.

"Only the inner windscreen was cracked and the crack was only 1.9cm long. The external windscreen and the vinyl layer were unaffected."

He said the cause of the crack was not clear. Another Qantas plane has been sent from Sydney to pick up the passengers in Nadi and take them to Honolulu.

The cracked windscreen will be replaced and the jet  is expected to return to normal service.