Corporate honchos join debate on Army chief's letter to PM

Corporate honchos join debate on Army chief's letter to PM

Well-known industrialists Anand Mahindra and Vijay Mallya today joined the debate whether Army chief's letter to the Prime Minister on sensitive defence issues should have come out in the open.

Both the corporate honchos raised the issue in cyberworld through their tweets, receiving some intense responses from followers.

Mahindra Group Vice Chairman and Managing Director Anand Mahindra asked whether the chief of the Army, which follows hierarchy, should not observe the same discipline with his minister.

"Armed forces personnel are supposed to follow hierarchy and orders. Should the Army chief be observing that discipline with his minister? Opinions?" he asked, seeking comments from his followers.

As he found a divided response, Mahindra was quick to revert back, stating, "Clearly this issue has touched a very raw nerve, with opinions dramatically polarised."

Mallya said it was sad day for the Defence forces.
"Defence matters especially on preparedness should be top secret. It's a sad day for our great Defence forces that the Chief's letter is public," UB Group and Kingfisher chief remarked.

The Intelligence Bureau has started probe into leak of General V K Singh's recent letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in which he had expressed concern over the country's defence preparedness.