British Gas likely to move 300 jobs to India

British Gas likely to move 300 jobs to India

Energy major British Gas today announced that nearly 300 jobs based in Leicester will be axed and shifted overseas in the near future, with the possibility that they will be moved to India, where the company already has a presence.

The company said that the business energy sector was tough and highly competitive because of the struggling economy and costs needed to be reduced. A spokesperson said workers affected by the decision would be supported.

The company did not name the country where the jobs would be shipped, but reports said India was the most likely destination since the company had earlier moved jobs there earlier.

The spokesperson said: “We will work to support all those potentially impacted by today’s announcement to ensure a fair, open and transparent process throughout.

“Proposing the off-shoring of a number of roles has been a very difficult decision to make but we do believe this is the best long term solution for our business.” British Gas started a 90-day consultation period with the affected staff and union officials.

British Gas employs nearly 2,000 people in Leicestershire.