I did not smoke hookah: Vivek

I did not smoke hookah: Vivek

Actor Vivek Oberoi, who is facing a case under the Tobacco Act for allegedly smoking hookah at a city restaurant earlier this week, today claimed that he had not smoked or even had alcohol on the occasion.

Vivek and 23 others were booked under the Tobacco Act following a surprise check at a restaurant in suburban Vile Parle, where cops stumbled upon hookah smoking, which is banned in public areas.

"I was having a dinner at a five-star hotel, I have the bill and at least 25 witnesses to prove that there was neither any kind of smoking nor alcohol on my table. Unfortunately, actors have become soft targets for such sensational nonsense. This rubbish should stop. It is very hurtful and unfair," Vivek said in a statement.

The Social Service team of Mumbai police had visited Mabrook restaurant located in Sahara Hotel on Wednesday night.

Customers there were found smoking shisha, a blend of molasses, fruit and tobacco, police said.

The 35-year-old actor is incidentally an ambassador for World Health Organisation's anti-smoking movement.

According to the police, though Vivek had requested the officials to let him go as he had not smoked, cases were registered against all the customers under the Tobacco Act, and probe will reveal who had actually smoked hookah.

Reacting to reports, Vivek said, "I can't believe that some sections of the media can be so irresponsible. It is extremely disturbing...after 11 years of consistent hard work and commitment as an anti-tobacco ambassador, being awarded and recognised by the United Nations for my efforts, inspiring hundreds of young volunteers to join the anti-tobacco cause. They have damaged my reputation with such lies."