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The nowhere man
Kamala Markandaya
Penguin, 2012, pp 322, 399

Srinivas has been living in London for 30 years. After the death of his son and wife, he befriends an Englishwoman in her sixties, whom he takes into his home. But the haven they have created for themselves proves to be a fragile one. Racist violence enters their world, and Srinivas’s life changes irrevocably.

What’s in it for you?
Ravi K Mehrotra
Macmillan 2012, pp 192, 985

The author shares the secrets of his success and lessons from his life in a memoir — a memoir of an Indian who succeeded in laying a business across many countries in the world. This book is for every young budding tycoon with a 10-step programme for success.

Heaven on earth: a journey through sharia law
Sadakat Kadri
The Bodley Head, 2011, pp 332, 599

Years after Prophet Muhammad first articulated God’s law — the sharia — its earthly interpreters are still arguing over what it means. Hardliners reduce it to amputations, veiling, holy war and stonings. Others say that it is humanity’s only guarantee of a just society. Sadakat Kadri sets out to see who is right.

Planning the city: urbanisation and reform in calcutta
Partho Dutta
Tulika Books, 2012, pp 202 395

In the context of Calcutta, this book examines and assesses the continuity of colonial urban policy and its impact, particularly in terms of the social costs to the displaced population and its implication for understanding planning history generally.

Artist, undone...
V Sanjay Kumar
Hachette, 2012, pp 240, 495

Harsha Sinha takes a sabbatical from his advertising job in Mumbai and returns to Chennai to his wife and daughter. Only, he finds that his wife is more interested in the artist next door. With no job or family to lean on, he returns to Mumbai to let himself free fall further into the world of Indian art and artists...

When loss is gain
Pavan K Varma
Rupa, 2012, pp 206, 395

Diagnosed with cancer, career-obsessed Anand thinks his life has hit rock bottom. His wife also leaves him for his friend. While analysing the wreckage that his life appears to be, his doctor informs him of his initial, wrong diagnosis. Now, with a second chance, Anand is determined to take in life’s simple joys.

I wanna be happy
RVM Foundation, 2009, pp 87, 399

This book touches upon an highly elusive aspect of our life: happiness. It presents six simple steps to reach happiness. It introduces one to the use of ‘happiness triggers’, that helps one to always remain happy in life. It also cautions one against ‘joy stealers’, elements which can steal one’s joy.

Heir to the bracelet
Akshay Bhaskar
Frog Books, 2012, pp 444, 325

An old acquaintance arrives at Ava’s door, carrying with him the relic of an ancient lineage of the Dian, long thought to have been extinct, of which she is the heir. Many fear the Dian’s power and are willing to do everything to destroy her. As Ava undertakes her journey, she has to cope with loss, betrayal and treason.

The empty nest
Fr George Kannanthanam
Claretian Publications, 2012, pp 202, 395

The Sumahalli Society has been working for the integrated development of leprosy affected persons. It has developed a unique process of rehabilitation of persons who have been outcast due to leprosy-related stigma and discrimination, one that involves empowering them to go back and live amongst members of society with dignity and honour. This model of leprosy rehabilitation is presented in this book.