Gearing up for the radio

Gearing up for the radio

The Radio One College Champion’s audition required the participating groups to have creativity coupled with spontaneity. And what the judges got was that and more. The students turned out to be more than enthusiastic.

By2tea, Campus Andre Ide Guru, Nanage Line Haki... the students reeled out similar stuff surprising the audience. Prakruthi and Chinmayi, from BMS were chosen as the best team and selected for the final phase of the competition.

The competition was categorised in four rounds — all four being funny and creative. In the third round, the participants were given a topic and were required to talk on it for a minute. The questions ranged from funny to serious. The sample of some of the questions are, “What’s would you advice Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan about their marriage?” The participants said, “There is a huge age difference between them, so Kareena go back to Shahid Kapur.” The cheering audience yelled back, “Kareena marry RJ Rakesh, the host of this show.” And Rakesh was caught blushing.  

To another question as to who the best and worst real life Bollywood couples were? The crowd rated — John and Bipasha as the best and SRK and Gauri Khan as the worst.

There were 24 teams from BMS College in the competition. Neil Chauhan, market manager of Radio One said, “The response for the reality show has been good. Students are showing lot of interest in the competition. The students get instant fame and name through these competitions. In the next two or three weeks, the selected students will learn the trick of the trade and the lucky ones will be on air. We judge the participant’s presence of mind, creativity, humour and quality of voice.”

Actress Sharmila Mandre, one among the judges observed, “The students had a lot of potential. The winners were creative and spontaneous, just like a radio jockey. The energy of the crowd was infectious.”

Sharing his experience RJ Rakesh said, “Your voice must reflect your personality. If you think you are street smart and can get humourous then you must portray that.”
 Prakruthi, the winner of BMS Women’s College said: “It was a great experience for me. I am looking forward for the next level of competition.”