Private complaint against Limbavali, two IAS officers

Private complaint against Limbavali, two IAS officers

A private complaint was filed in the Special Lokayukta court on Saturday, involving former Minister Aravind Limbavali and two IAS officers.

 Aravind Limbavali

The complaint filed by T K Suresh, a resident of Tarikere, Chikmagalur and a lecturer has alleged that the executives of SJM Vidyapeetha Chitradurga not only denied his full time appointment in accordance with a State government order, but also appointed ineligible candidates.

The complaint names Dr Shivamurthy, President of SJM Vidyapeeta, former minister Aravind Limbavali, IAS officer Nagalambike Devi, retired IAS officer A S Srikanth, E Chitrashekar, Executive Director (General), SJM Vidyapeeta, S Ananda, lecturer in Sociology and G N Mallikarjunappa Principal Grade-1 of Government First Grade College. The matter has been posted to April 9.

The complaint states that Suresh was relieved from his post in 1996 on the ground that there was no work load in the college and flouting a state government order and despite the collegiate commissioner stating that he was an eligible candidate.

The complaint further states that the Institution recruited non-eligible candidates by receiving bribes. Later they sent a proposal and took approval from the State Government fraudulently.

In 2010, the Institution put forward a proposal to the state government seeking appointment of five lecturers. The Department then approved the list of five lecturers, but information obtained under RTI showed that all the newly appointed lecturers were in fact appointed much earlier (between 1998-2001) and as replacement for lecturers who had not retired at all.

“This shows that the proposal form itself is concocted, bogus and illegal. No college will appoint new lecturer before retirement of existing lecturers. Hence, the accused have committed an offence punishable under section 417, 418, 420 and 465 of IPC,” the complaint states.

Suresh also states that four posts of lab assistants appointed in 2000 were issued appointment orders by Prof E Chitrashekar under the seal of Executive Director E Chitrashekar.

The complainant points out that during the time frame Chitrashekar was merely a lecturer in the Saraswathi Education Society, Chitradurga and the not the Executive Director as claimed. Dr Shivamurthy is accused of fraudulently forging documents and colluding with candidates and issuing appointment orders by receiving huge amount form the candidates.

Limbavali is accused of approving the proposal and ordering the recruitment of the candidates by using his political influence and financial influence by violating rules and regulations.

“Being a Government servant, he has colluded with the candidates by receiving the money and issuing the appointment order,” the complaint states.