In pursuit of freedom

In pursuit of freedom

In pursuit of freedom

With just the upper part of their bodies shown and with the help of sounds and movements, the Vuelve en Julio theatre troupe from Argentina, transcended the audience to the world of pirates and mysterious powers through the play Pirate’s Code.

They were performing for the first time in India, at the Ranga Shankara’s Aha! International Theatre for Children Festival.

“We had heard about India but it was a big mystery to us  and when we got an opportunity to come here, we were more than willing to come and explore it,” says Natalia, one of the actors. 
The team of five explained that Argentina, which is rich in theatre, has a clear-cut divide between commercial theatre and art theatre.

But with people always on the look-out for different forms of theatre, they are glad that the opportunities for art theatre is widening a lot more.

Pirates Code is about an entangled pursuit of treasure between three pirates who end up winning three powers — a map, a ship and the knowledge to use it.
Despite the fact that the three of them are in competition with each other and each is consumed by the need of power and ambition, they make a friendship pact since the three powers will not work independently of each other.
On finding the treasure, they come across three jewels which have magical powers — ability to stretch, immortality and invisibility.

Thus the competition resumes and this time, the tussle is for the piece of jewellery with the best power.

“During the entire adventure, we have no dialogues. This was a different challenge because we had to tell the tale with the help of our imagination and allow the audience to interpret it. In simple words, it’s like a cartoon, which is universal,” says Mauro Menegat, another actor.

Director Rene Mantinan says the play has many levels of interpretation and they too have different views every time they see it. “On a broader level, one can see that the play is trying to showcase concepts like togetherness and the importance of friendship but on a deeper level, the play talks about freedom,” explains Rene while adding, “Everyday, we work so hard to possess an item but unconsciously, we end up becoming a prisoner of our possessions. So through the play, we want tell people to break away from all of them and be free.” The play was staged in Mysore as well.