Tribute to great librarian- Dr Havanur

Exactly two years ago, to be precise on April 5, one of the well-known scholars of the region Dr Srinivas Havanur passed away.

Dr Srinivas Havanur.

A true researcher in Kannada language, Dr Havanur was born in 1928.He rendered his service in various capacities including as a librarian, lecturer, researcher and guide in different places like Mumbai, Mangalore, Pune and Bangalore. His contribution to the Kannada language can not be weighed in words.

A vivid book lover, Dr Havanur researched on various subjects like the foreign writings, the beginning of Dasa Sahitya, the initial newspaper publications, history works etc. Having written over 65 books, he has deservingly been conferred with various awards including Rajyotsava, Alva’s Nudisiri, Muliya Thimmappaiah award, Sandesha Prathishtana award and the like.

Dr Havanur developed a strong love towards books mainly because of serving as a librarian. He used to believe that the skill of documenting, interest for research, publication, preserving, and guidance are the basic qualities of a librarian.

“The job of a librarian is not limited to preserving the books, but he has to offer the necessary information that a reader asks for. The books communicate with us, they talk to the readers.

One should not consider any book as useless as every book has its own weightage. Every book has to be preserved and the libraries in the organisations, schools and colleges should cater to the needs of the readers”- were the words of Dr Havanur.

He was a very good guide and he used to make sure that any reader who meets him does not return with doubts. He had maintained cordial relationships with the librarians like Dr Bandi from Mangalore University, Dr Rodrigues from St Aloysius College, Venkatesh from RRC, Prof Paul Janekins from Basel library in Switzerland and others.

Dr Havanur has included information related to British Museum, Dharmasthala library, Mithik Society and other centers in his books. His greatness lies in donating his collection of books to various organisations, colleges and libraries.

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