Achieving their ambitions

Achieving their ambitions


Enter Maharani College, and wherever you go, all you can see and hear is the constant chit chat of girls, who just cannot stop talking even for a second. “Its a lot of fun to be in this college as it is an all girls college. We play the most number of pranks possible and we also gossip a lot. Since there are only girls around, we have a lot of cat fights amongst ourselves as well,” says Roopashree.

Maharani is one of the oldest colleges in the City and it is famous for having produced some of the most elite women. The talk of the campus is mostly about the beloved teachers or else, gossip about one of the girls. The girls love to gossip over a cup of coffee as well, and most of the times, these conversations are about their huge campus.
All students seem to be in love with the teachers and find them really supportive and
approachable. The language of the campus is mostly Kanglish after class hours. Even the students from outside learn this very quickly and it is the most loved language. “The moment one starts conversing in this language, there is a sense of oneness amongst us,” say most of the girls.

The fact that the college does not have a dress code is something that every student rejoices. Long skirts and salwars form the fashion statement of the college.
According to the teachers, an interesting fact about this college is that the students hardly miss their classes. Their attendance is very good and always above the required level.

Professor Salma, the head of the economics department says, “The girls, who come here, have a zest to excel and prove themselves. Their commitment and dedication is very high and each girl tries her level best to achieve something.” 

Being a product of Maharani, the girls have a zillion reasons to be proud of. Kavyashree says, “It has a great atmosphere, where students can study and have fun as well. We have the best teachers and a great infrastructure in the form of the old buildings and these pep us up. Most of all, we have the best canteen with extremely reasonable prices.”

The club activities of their respective departments, fests and annual days are the most awaited events. Each girl tries a lot to do something possible for these events. Ashwini says, “I always look forward for our fests and annual days as it is a lot of fun to take part in these and ignites me every now and then.”