Corporators repent pay hike demand that govt may spike

Corporators repent pay hike demand that govt may spike

The BBMP corporators passed a resolution recently seeking an increase in their honorarium by three-and-half times and a pension of Rs 20,000 for ex-corporators.

But corporators who spoke in support of the ‘excessive’ demands put forth to the State government are now repenting their move.

The corporators are downplaying the hefty hikes they sought for themselves, saying the State “may not approve it at all”. But none of them will complain if at all the pay hike demand is approved, according to some party leaders.

Deccan Herald spoke to a few members who raised the matter at the last BBMP council meeting when the resolution was passed.

They now have second thoughts over their demands.

Independent corporator from Peenya Industrial Area, Thimmananjaiah, said that the issue went awry after he raised the matter.

“When I spoke, it was with regard to a few ex-corporators who recently passed away and their families not being able to afford two meals a day. However, by the end of the day, the issue was completely sidelined and it took a different turn.

I never meant to ask anything for ourselves (corporators),” he said. Nonetheless, Thimmananjaiah batted for the corporators who sought the hike, keeping in mind that those members who genuinely need the hike will benefit.

“Some corporators may look for ways to make money while in power. But, I think the hike will help those corporators who are honest and from not-so-fortunate backgrounds,” Thimmananjaiah said.

The independent corporator said it was BJP corporator Katte Satyanarayana who raised the issue of pensions and hike in corporators’ honourarium and passed the buck to the ruling party.

When questioned, Satyanarayana said: “How can anyone expect a corporator to make a living with Rs 7,500 as honorarium?”

Demand denounced

However, senior colleagues from his own party and the Opposition questioned the proposal and denounced the demand for hike in the honorarium.

“We had got a hike during Yeddyurappa’s tenure as chief minister. It is unfair to tax the citizens when we have got a hike not long ago,” said a senior BJP corporator.

The leader blamed a few ‘ring leaders’ who decided to push for the revision.

“Unfortunately, all of us had to go with these leaders,” lamented the corporator.

Some others justified the demand on the grounds that MLAs had given themselves a hike. “When MLAs can increase their salaries, why can’t we?” questioned another BJP corporator.

All in all, most leaders in the BJP and the opposition said the demand for the ‘excessive’ hike in salaries placed before the government will not be ratified. But if approved, who will bear the cost?

It is estimated that BBMP will spend close to Rs 1.14 crore more each year from this financial year towards salaries of corporators, if the State gives its assent to the hike.

This will be in addition to the annual expenditure of Rs 39.6 lakh as pension to ex-corporators.

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