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Book Rack

The saturday big tent wedding party

Alexander McCall Smith
Hachette, 2012, pp 248, Rs 395
As the countdown to Mma Makutsi’s big day begins, Violet Sephotho, her former rival, is up to no good as usual. Meanwhile, Mma Ramotswe is called away on a case at a southern cattle post, and Charlie has again got himself in trouble with a lady.

After you sir: a collection of short stories
Ramesh Babu
Fortytwo Bookz Galaxy, 2012, pp 253, Rs 295
This collection of short stories based on actual events, dedicated to many facets of school life, such as home sickness, relationship with parents, mothering by the matron, rule-breaking adventures, sports, games, tragedies, brings out the humanity of its characters.

The resignation
Jainendra, translated by Tyagpatra
Penguin, 2012, pp 178, Rs 250
This is the story of Mrinal, a young woman whose uncompromising idealism results in family and society rejecting her. Her insistence on living by her principles leads her from one difficult situation to another, ending in her death.

The lost pearl of paradise
Frog Books, 2012, pp 271, 195
An ancient civilisation is slaughtered in the forests of Brahmaputra. A 16-year-old girl survives. Her father leaves behind clues in the mountains where she was born, where she begins her quest to save the future of human civilisation.

Early indications
G B Prabhat
Gyaana Books, 2012, pp 312, 315
A tale of friendship, oppression, disaffection, betrayal, guilt, false dawns, and the impossibility of redemption, this novel showcases the subterranean charm of Coimbatore, which lies midway between teeming metropolises and overwrought village settings.

Prionka Ray
Frog Books, 2012, pp 204, 145
Sia struggles for an identity under the shadow of her sister Munni. When Munni falls in love with Abir, Sia’s loneliness increases. Abir is then accused of a misdeed, changing their lives forever. Years later, Sia returns to find out the truth behind her sister’s death.

Defragmenting india
Harish Nambiar
Sage, 2012, pp 240, 350
This is an urgently drawn candid portrait of contemporary India, analysing various fragmenting and defragmenting impulses in the lives of men and women caught in the flitting shadows that the riots in Gujarat threw across the country. These riots form the dramatic backdrop of the travelogue, a narrative of a motorbike trip of the author and his friend.

The eye of the gods
Graciata Salecedo D’Crescenzo
Om Books, 2012, pp 354, 295
This book is a first-person account of Ah Ak’tun, born to Mayan parents in 673 AD. After the death of his father, Ah Ak’tun is adopted by a high priest who nurtures him to be his successor and weans him in the ways of the ancient Mayans and their relationship with nature. Ah Ak’tun recounts his tale to his successor, throwing light on the lives of an ancient people.

Venus bytes
Venu Rao
Peacock Hospitality, 2011, pp 104, 135
A collection of fictional short stories that present a few glimpses of the exciting hotel life and hospitality industry through the eyes of a girl named Venus, who takes a delightful tour of a Heavenly Hotel.

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