'Women better than men in politics'

Visiting physician at the President's Estate clinic in Rashtrapati Bhavan is among the women candidates who are contesting the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections from Hauz Rani.

Women in this ward believe that they have better organising skills than men, which will help them become better leaders.

“When a situation arises at home it is the woman who tries to resolve it. You will hardly see men complaining about daily issues outside any of the MCD's district offices. Women are sensitive and understand problems in a better way,” said Dr Nandini Sharma of BJP, who visits President’s Estate clinic.

This is her first brush with politics. She has been seeing poor patients for free in a charitable dispensary inside Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Malviya Nagar for over 20 years.
Minority communities living in Malviya Nagar, Hauz Rani, Shivalik, Khirki village and other areas are in awe of her personality, some residents say.

They are extending her support because of her good conduct in the locality.
Sharma aims to sensitise people about recycling, creating organic manure from waste and water harvesting in community parks.

Members of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) in Malviya Nagar have presented their demands to candidates.

“We have written our demands and got it signed from the candidates which clearly states that whoever wins, will work in co-ordination with RWAs to ensure better development,” said J S Lamba, president of Malviya Nagar RWA.

People want hawkers off hospital roads and footpaths, development of the market area and underground parking to reduce congestion.

They have also demanded clarification about construction of third floor and above as rules are vague at present.

The Congress candidate Nutan Kochar from Hauz Rani believes that a community is not complete without the support of the elderly.

“I wish to provide better facilities for the older citizens. Their experience can be put to use to shape things better in our locality,” said Kochar.

Jeetu Kochar, who has served as councillor twice, is confident that his wife’s goodwill will come handy in her win.

Congress has selected a candidate in Lado Sarai whose grandfather was a “rakhi brother” to Indira Gandhi.

“We have a long association with Congress and even my husband's family has been associated with the party from the pre-independence days. We have two villages under this ward and their residents are not happy with the attitude of the police.

They are forced to give away a part of their income to officials as hafta (protection money),” said Anita Sharma, Congress.

She wishes to protect residents and take the police to task for misusing their authority.

Old-age home ranks second on Sharma's priority list and she wants to encourage people to use solar energy for household work.

However, residents remain skeptical.

“I am confused whether I should take these promises on face value or consider them as a tactic to win elections. The councillor's powers are restricted so they should not aim at development work they are not capable of carrying out,” said Malti, a social worker in Lado Sarai.

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