Greatest thing one can do

Greatest thing one can do

The best thing that you can do to the people around you is that you are a joyous person. Isn't it so? What kind of people do you want to work with? What kind of people do you want to live with, miserable people or joyous people?
So the best thing that you can do to anybody in this world, the greatest thing that you can offer this world is to be a joyous person. Isn't it?

So, why are you becoming miserable? Everybody wants to be joyous. By choice they want to be joyous, but they have become miserable because they are unconsciously choosing misery.
Their whole life happens in unconsciousness. Please see, in twenty-four hours time, how many moments are you truly conscious of who you are? How many moments? Very few, isn't it? So your whole life is happening unconsciously.

And the majority of the people around you are anyway miserable. So, this is a democracy and in a democracy the majority rules. When it happens unconsciously, your whole life is accidental. When it is accidental, whatever the situation around you, you become that. When you are an accident, at any moment you may become a calamity.

 Now you came here with nothing. All these things, your identity, your name, your clothes, your gods, your beliefs, your heaven, your hell, everything you picked up on the way. Everything that you know has been taught to you, including your gods and demons, everything.

You only picked it up on the way. When you go, anyway you have to go empty handed. So when you came with nothing, whatever is happening here, you are in profit. Isn't it? So you must be happy always.

You are going about your life as if you came here with a big investment. You did not come with any investment. Did you? You came with nothing, so no matter what is happening with your life; you are always in profit.

Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation is a yogi, mystic and spiritual master with a difference.
An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that inner sciences are not esoteric philosophies from an outdated past, but a contemporary science vitally relevant to our times.

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