All for a good night's sleep

All for a good night's sleep

Relax Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t just be the luxury of a princess, it should be a necessity, writes Swati Kapur

stress buster Buy the perfect mattress and experience perfect sleep. Photos courtesy: Anusuiya Bharadwaj Location: Ebony Gautier Bangalore

Choosing the right bed can sometimes be difficult. So here are a few tips for that particular enterprise. Sleep on it: Trying out various beds in different postures at the showroom doesn’t look funny at all. Afterall, you’ll be the one sleeping on it for a long time. So, make sure you lie down and test all the beds properly.

Anju Khurana from Delhi says, “I almost slept, pressed and rolled on each of the mattresses at a mall before I chose the one best for me. I have a bad back and therefore it was important for me to make sure I pick up the very best.”

Size matters: It’s always better to go for a bigger bed. Standard size beds in India are not big enough for two, therefore people (read adult couples) end up having back aches. If space is not a constraint, get a king size bed.

This will give your body ample space to relax without disturbing your partner.
Comfort above price: After a long day, all one needs is good sleep. So please don’t compromise on this heavenly treat.

It’s okay to survey the market for prices etc but definitely don’t compromise on your chosen mattress just because it’s a few grand costlier.

The right base: Choose the bed and the mattress at the same time to avoid any mismatch.

The quality of one can affect the other and you don’t have to shop around with sizes and estimates.

Comfort and support is the key. Depending on the kind of support your back needs, choose your mattress.

A person's spine ought to be straight when lying on one’s side and keep its natural curve when lying on one’s back. According to orthopaedic experts, opt for the firmest and most
supportive mattress.

In the shops

Open spring mattress: This is one of the most common mattresses with springs and a wire rim to keep it firm. The spring count varies from 250 to 500. The more number of springs, the more support. Also note the number of turns or coils in the springs, again the more the better. Some mattresses have extra rows of springs in the centre of the bed where most of the body weight is concentrated or at the sides.

Pocket spring mattress: This is a sprung mattress with some pretty high-tech options available offering more luxury. It is built with small springs housed inside spate fabric pockets that respond to body weight. This is a good choice if there is a difference in the weight or size between partners.

Foam mattress: Although it's possible to find some higher quality foam mattresses, most of those available are not recommended for long term use since they don’t provide support to the spine. You may use these in spare bedrooms or guest rooms which are used occasionally.

Latex mattress: An expensive option, but not without benefits. They can last for 25 years which is almost double the lifespan of a spring mattress. Those prone to allergies may sleep better as latex mattresses don't attract as many fungi and bugs as their foam padded cousins. Latex is natural and has good air circulation and temperature regulation.

Memory Foam mattress: Created by NASA twenty years ago memory foam never got used and ended up in mattresses instead. The mattress mould is firmer in cool conditions and softer in warmer temperatures. It also reacts to body heat so it can quickly mould itself to body’s contours and enables natural movement while sleeping.

Waterbed mattress: Waterbeds are claimed to be the perfect solution because they offer even support. But that depends on how full of water the mattress is, so keep it topped up. Blissfully for couples, there are some waterbeds on the market that split the bed into two sleeping areas, reducing disturbance. The low point here is that water levels have to be kept high for firmness and comfort of the mattress.

Coir: These contain layers of coir fiber from the husk of a coconut. They are heat and moisture resistant, moth proof, flame retardant, an excellent insulator and offer good ventilation.

The market offers varieties from companies like Kurlon, Sleepwell, Restolex, Springwell, Duroflex, Cello, Dupond and Ebony Gautier.

Snooze time

Special Needs: pregnant women or those suffering from rheumatic problems need to take extra care when choosing a mattress. “Since the pelvic joint is relaxed in from early pregnancy, backache is common right from the beginning.

Therefore, the mattress used should not be too soft but should maintain the curvature of
the spine. Coir is a good option,” says doctor Smita Verma from Spring Meadows, Delhi.

Bedtime: Set a regular bedtime and create a relaxing bedtime routine. This could mean lighting candles, aroma, darkening the room and putting on some soft music. A warm bath before sleep is very soothing. The routines send a signal to the brain and helps you release the day’s stress.

A tech free zone: Ban any kind of technology hanging around your sleep area. It’s difficult, but give it a shot. Put your mobiles and kindles on sleep mode don’t be tempted to fiddle with them now and then.  Televisions and laptops are definitely a no no.

On Holiday: Most beds I have slept on in plush hotels have failed to put me to sleep. I usually spend the night sunk deep into the mattress or tossing to find a comfortable position.

Therefore now I make sure to hit the bed only after I’ve exhausted myself. Also, ask for a change of mattress if the one given does not suit you. Hilton Garden Inn’s (Delhi) Garden Sleep System is something one must experience. The mattress comes with a knob to adjust the support and pressure and is a big hit with its guests.

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