Fun recipes with rice

Fun recipes with rice

It is a wholesome food item with high nutritional value.

Beaten Rice Payasam

Ingredients: Thick beaten rice —  ¾ cup, sugar  — ½ cup, milk — 3 cups, cardamom powder — 1 teaspoon, ghee — 2 teaspoons, saffron colour  — a pinch, cashew and dry grapes — a fistful, (roasted in ghee)

Method: Soak the thick beaten rice in water for 20 minutes and strain. Boil the milk and add sugar and strained beaten rice and cook for a while. Add the ghee, saffron,cardamom powder and roasted nuts. For extra taste, you can add a cup of thick coconut milk or 50 grams of khova or 50 grams of paste of cashew nuts.

Beaten Rice Cutlet

Ingredients: Beaten rice soaked and strained — 2 cups, besan (gram flour) — 2 teaspoons, chilli powder —  ½ teaspoon, garam masala — powder — ¼ teaspoon, salt  to taste, finely-chopped onion — ½ cup, finely-chopped coriander — ¼ cup, finely-chopped green chillies —2 teaspoons, boiled, peeled and smashed potato — 2 nos, ginger-garlic paste — 1 teaspoon, oil for deep frying.

Method: Add all the above-mentioned ingredients in a mixing bowl (except oil). Mix this into a hard dough without water. Gently pat small portions of this dough on a thick plastic sheet and deep fry in hot oil on a low flame till they turn golden brown. You could also shallow fry the dough.

Beaten Rice Delite

Ingredients:  Soaked and strained beaten rice — 1 cup, jaggery  1 cup, coconut — ¾ cup, cardamom powder —1 teaspoon, cashew-25 grams.

Method: Mix all the ingredients into a  medium-tight dough. If required, add corn flour or rice flour.  Heat oil and add a portion of the mix and fry till it turns golden brown in colour.

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