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Maharana: the story of the rulers of udaipur
Brian Masters
Mapin, 2012, pp 175 795

This history of the erstwhile princely state of Udaipur evokes the glory and grandeur of the Rajput courts. Here are tales of honour and chivalry, of magnanimity to enemies, and of a fierce pride that did not bow down before Moghul might or British power.

Making news, breaking news, her own way
Edited by Latika Padgaonkar and Shubha Singh
Tranquebar, 2012, pp 321, 250

Making News, Breaking News, Her Own Way is about the lives and work of some of the most outstanding women journalists of our time who redefined and gave a whole new meaning to what constitutes news, in terms of values and themes.

Eagles in the sun: india, the giant within
Dr P V Jois
Vijaya, 2012, pp 468, 500

This book attempts to show that with the prospect of robust growth, with the GDP zooming into
trillions and piggybacking on the vast human capital, India is a grown-up entity full of vitality and verve, basking in the sunshine of national and international focus.

Maximum willpower
Kelly McGonigal
Macmillan, 2012, pp 2,715, 1,010

This book focusses on strategies that can help you transcend limitations, strengthen self-control and escape the grip of chronic stress and procrastination, thus changing the way you think about willpower and helping you make real and lasting changes.

Kissing ass: the art of office politics
Clyde D’Souza
Random House, 2012, pp 236, 150

This book is a non-sloppy guide that breaks down typical workplace situations and offers you real
sucking-up solutions to them. From nervous first days to elated farewell mails, it gives you tips and tricks on how to act, react, or play dumb as per the scenario.

The way it once was
Biography by Ali Madeeh Hashmi, poems translated by Shoaib Hashmi
Harper Collins, 2012, pp 237, 499

In this biography of Faiz Ahmed Faiz by his grandson, Ali Madeeh Hashmi, and translations of 52 of his poems by noted Pakistani writer, Shoaib Hashmi, Faiz’s life and verse come alive as never

Return to bhanupur
Giles Tillotson
Penguin, 2012, pp 178, 250

This fictional account of events in the court of the princely state of Bhanupur, is a tale of intrigue,
politics and image-building. A fascinating story of unlikely friendships and loyalties; of court intrigues and scandals; of religious belief and public duty.

The journey of a burning  boat
Abdus Samad
Promilla, 2012, pp 178 295

This novel takes us into the depths of Indian society where impoverished children without hope are lured into the flesh trade. The story allows for introspection about the hideous machinations behind urban elegance and urges us to act against it.

Difficult pleasures
Anjum Hasan
Penguin, 2012, pp 247, 399

This is a collection of stories about the need to escape and the longing to belong: an economist drives from France to Sweden to try and redeem a tragedy; a
village boy leaves school for the bright lights of
Bangalore; a man tries to stop time...

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