Preparing for life

Preparing for life

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Preparing for life

Naveen H A

“I think if one is competent enough then it is not tough to get a job. It is not necessary to do an internship because even if you do an internship, at the end of the day, what matters are one’s skills and ability to do the given job successfully. What is the point in doing an internship, if one cannot do a job well even if the person has done an internship.”  

Saveen S H
“It’s only in college that one gets to enjoy one’s holidays. Once you start work, where is the question of being able to take off on vacation. Why does one have to waste one’s holidays doing internships, instead one could do something more creative, which one will never get to do once one starts working. During college hours if one studies well and is qualified enough then an internships is not required.”

Sahana S Hegde
“Doing internship is not something which every student has to be passionate about. The companies that hire people don’t cross check if you have done an internship and where you have done it. What matters is whether the person hired is hardworking and dedicated to the job in hand.”

“I feel doing an internship is important, as we learn a lot and also get a feel of the job. While doing an internship if we commit mistakes, we will be excused and learn from those mistakes. These mistakes will not be tolerated when we start work. Hence, it is better to learn everything before hand.”

Somashekhar R
“Internship equips one for the a secure job after completing one’s education. It also gives one a strong base. It is akin to working and helps one understand and learn the character of the job in hand. It’s a test of whether the person has the capacity to perform the job successfully. If an internship is not done during student days, the student is equal to a building without foundation.”

Nagabhishek S Natesh
“Internship is good for one’s career. It tests one’s ability and skills as well as one’s mental strength to complete the given job. Internships give one good experience, which one will need as students because if one would not know how the world is out there.”