People's problems

People's problems

Threat of dogs

For sometime now, Yeshwanthpur Bazaar, adjacent to the Yeshwanthpur railway station, is deprived of streetlights. Recently, the KPTCL authorities removed all the fittings from the electric poles and the entire area is in complete darkness. As a result, dogs move in packs of 10 to 15. Anyone coming late out of the railway station or bus stand is chased by these pack of dogs. At times, minor thefts are also reported from the shops.

K Nirmalan,

Drain menace

In spite of repeated pleas, the condition of Gangadhar Chetty Road (Ulsoor lake) continues to be deplorable. The residents of this road continue to suffer as an open drain is running right through the street. Nothing so far has been done to clear the drain and the water remains stagnant. Weeds are growing in the drain while garbage is being dumped here by vendors as well as corporation workers.
The garbage pick-up lorry and the small three wheelers, which carry bulk of the waste, have now made this space a transit point. The problem is that the lorry carries whatever garbage possible and the rest is left at the mercy of rag pickers, cows, birds and a large number of dogs, who have a field time. Adding to that, the menace of mosquitoes has grown so much that it has become impossible for the residents to come out and stand in front of their houses after 5 pm.
We, the tax payers of this area, request the Government and the corporation authorities to kindly do whatever possible and in the process ensure that the residents get a fair deal and the menace of stagnant water, the foul smell, mosquito, cockroach and rat menace reduced without any further delay.

Gangadhar Chetty Road,
Ulsoor lake

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