Band with the best

Band with the best

Band with the best

Aspiring rock stars from Bangalore had once in a life-time opportunity at the auditions of a unique musical hunt called Idea Rocks India.

The hunt is also a musical road trip that is open to youngsters, aged above 18 years, who are very passionate about music and encompasses all genres of singing and instrumental talents, ranging from Western to Indian and more.

More than 25 groups were present at the auditions, which started at around eight in the morning and went on till five in the evening. The auditions ran in two rounds. The judges for the event were musicians Prakash Sontakke, Sinchan Dixit,  and music director Anand Sharma.

The participants were very excited about the auditions, however, they were not nervous at all. Western music was the dominant genre with a large number of participants. Some participants had composed their own music in a fusion pattern, which were mostly Sufi-fusion and Indi-rock.

Almost every team had a drummer, flautist, guitarist and a vocalist.
Rohan, a participant said, “I am a lover of music, I’ve always wanted to build a career in it and that is why I am here. My team has performed well at the auditions. We have  a Western music background and we hope to qualify.”

Songs by Kailash Kher, Linkin Park, Beatles, Eagles, Shankar Mahadevan, KK and Rabbi Shergill, were the ones sung by the participants.
Sinchan Dixit said, “I’m surprised at the amazing talent in the City. People who have come here have musical background and they know what they are doing. Because of the cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore, Western music dominates traditional music here.”
At the end of the day, five people from different instrumental section along with a vocalist will be selected.

Prakash Sontakke said, “The auditions were very interesting although there are hardly any vocalists participating.”

The most interesting part of the auditions were the rock bhajans, which sounded very unique and were soothing to listen to.