Tailored to suit the gentlemen

Tailored to suit the gentlemen

Wearing a legacy

Tailored to suit the gentlemen

Over the years, men have opened up their wardrobes to an array of clothing. Today they have become much more experimental and are willing to go that extra mile to team up different combinations to look their very best, be it for a formal function or just an outing to the nearby coffee shop.

Paolo Canali, the marketing director of a 75-year-old-legacy, was in the City recently to showcase their latest collection, ‘Canali Nawab’, for the Indian consumer, echoes the thought. Taking a trip down history, he says that a classic suit in Italy used to be a socially accepted attire for any function of celebration. Paolo digs a little deeper and says, “Years ago in Italy, we had many social restrictions. To enter any celebration, a man had to be dressed in a three-piece suit. The only other time, you wore a suit was on Sundays, for church. But now we have people in suits, all seven days. That by itself shows how far a man’s wardrobe has expanded,” he adds.     

He agrees on the fact that men have started following fashion trends as much as women but they still have their priorities in clothing, which include shape, elegance and comfort.
“Today, men have come out of the capsule collection and have started teaming up their jackets with jeans or formal pants to feel and look younger,” he adds.

Ask him what sparked off an Indian customised collection, he explains, “The ‘Nawab Collection’ is a first where an Indian-inspired coat was found to be in sync with the Canali DNA of elegance.

It is not a seasonal fad but will recur in future collections and is likely to be proposed for other international cities as well. Moreover, we wanted to bring in something of a local touch to the brand.”

With so many Hollywood actors swearing by the brand, are they trying to target the Indian film fraternity out here? “Yes, we are well aware of the fashion-conscious actors out here and are very much interested in making Bollywood part of our family as well,” he smiles.