Self-awakening is liberation

Self-awakening is liberation

It is self-belief that prompts us to go to temple. The lines of our past, present and future have already been written. Both the hardware (body) and the software (actions) have been scripted at birth. We must love everything and everybody. When we have empathy for all things and for all people, they stay with us. We must guard what we have with care, discrimination and love. Know that what we have is prasadam from God. Guard it carefully because that is what you bequeath to those who follow you."
"The Guru is a service centre. He dispels negativity and radiates positivity. He repairs both the vehicle and the driver. The Vedas and mantras ought to be your primary nourishment. By consuming them, you will be able to overcome the temptations of senses. Meditation and penance are essential conditions for happiness, peace and contentment."

Calmness of mind is essential: "You must be calm and composed when you enter the temple. It is important to remain grounded in your inner self. Only then will you will receive of respect, positive energy and happiness."
"Know that prayer is essential. The morning must be spent in cleansing the dirt from the external world. This includes bathing the body and removing its impurities. Only after cleaning yourself should you go to prayer, light the lamp and begin your cooking. We must feed God first before feeding ourselves. Our time must be spent in continuous remembrance of God."

 "God is experienced not in places, but in the performance of good karmas. We must be fearless and sincere in all the roles that we perform or else we will not have satisfaction. Prayer is the passport to secure the visa to clear the path to the unknown.  It is the surest guarantor of the successful realisation of your aspirations and your gateway to freedom."

"Service is the foundation of all that is real, enduring and positive. We must offer our thanks and express our gratitude for all that we receive through the service of others. It is God who has given us all that we have. This is why we must constantly thank God for what we have.

To indulge in prayer is a sign of divine grace. Know that there is nothing more precious in this world other than receiving an opportunity to serve God. It is therefore essential that we pray for such opportunities.