BAC emerge overall champions

BAC emerge overall champions

Aaron, Arhatha walk away with individual honours

Aaron D’Souza (left) and Arhatha Magavi display their invidual championpship spoils. DH PHOTO

BAC tallied 600 points to be crowned champions while they also secured the men’s and women’s titles with 276 and 324 points respectively.

BAC made a clean sweep by claiming the individual championships as well. Aaron D’Souza (1285) won the men’s award and Arhatha Magavi (631) bagged the women’s trophy.
In waterpolo, BAC women took the honours while ASC pocketed the men’s title.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Swimming Association felicitated the swimmers who brought laurels to the State at various national and internatioanal meets, with Sports Minister Goolihatti D Shekar and Karnataka Olympic Association President K Govindaraj doing the honours.

Govindaraj said he had written to the Bangalore Development Authority to allot plots to cueist Pankaj Advani and his coach Arvind Savur, shuttler Anup Sridhar, swimmers Shikha Tandon and Rehan Poncha. “Since BDA has already decided to award Advani a site, the BDA commissioner asked me to submit the list of achievements of the four others. I have submitted a list of their achievements and the BDA will consider it in their next board meeting,” he said.

Men: 100M freestyle: Aaron D’Souza (BAC) 51.71, 1 (NMR. Old: 52.63, Aaron D’Souza, BAC, 2008); Ashwin Menon (KCR) 53.39, 2; Rohith R Havaldar (BAC) 53.49, 3.   
400M freestyle: Aaron D Souza (BAC) 4.08:84, 1. (NMR. Old: 4:13.25, Rohit R Hawaldar, BAC, 2006); Gagan AP (BAC) 4.13:66, 2; Akashay Krishna (KCR) 4.14:78, 3.   
50M backstroke: Sandeep NA (BAC) 28.20, 1; Rohith R Havaldar (BAC) 28.22, 2; Ashwin Menon (KCR) 28.91, 3.     
200M butterfly: Rehan Poncha (BAC) 2.03:28, 1; (NMR. Old: 2:07.74, BAC, 2008); Srinand Srinivas (BAC) 2:24:79, 2; Siddarth Mahendra (KCR) 2:28:58, 3.   
4x100M medley relay: BAC ‘A’ 4:19.80, 1; KCR 4:26.15, 2; BAC ‘B’ 4:42.89, 3.   
Women: 100M freestyle: Shubha C (BAC) 1:00.16, 1; Arhatha Magavi (BAC) 1:00.71, 2; Sneha T (BAC) 1:01.35, 3.   
400M freestyle: Pooja R Alva (BAC) 4:44:71, 1; (NMR, Old: 4:50.56, Pooja R Alva, BAC, 2006); Pratima Kollali (KCR) 4:46:03, 2. BMR; Sushaka Pratap (BAC) 4:54:85, 3.   
50M backstroke: Madhavi Giri (BAC) 32.88, 1; Sushaka (BAC) 35.22, 2; Meghana S (BAC) 36:09, 3.   
200M butterfly: Arhatha Magavi (BAC) 2:22:67(NMR. Old: 2:25.11, Pooja R Alva, BAC, 2005); Pooja R Alva (BAC) 2.35:11, 2; Sushaka (BAC) 2:59.61, 3.  4x100M medley relay: BAC ‘A’ 4:51.49, 1; KCR 5:31.17, 2; BAC ‘B’ 4:59.27, 3.   
Overall champions: BAC (600 points). Men: BAC (276). Women: BAC (324).
Individual champions: Men: Aaron D’Souza (1285). Women: Arhatha Magavi (631).
Diving: Men: 3-metre spring board: GB Sharath (ASC) 299.05 points, 1; Krishna M Nayak (DAC) 230.05, 2; Jatin (ASC) 219.70, 3.   
High board: Soroj Kumar (ASC) 264.85, 1; Kumar J (DAC) 214.40, 2; A N Raman (ASC) 137:95, 3.   
Women: 3-metre spring board: Karshima Mohite (YCSC) 190.25, 1; Noomi (DAC) 138.75, 2; Asha J (DAC) 129:95, 3.   
Waterpolo winners: Men: ASC. Women: BAC.
Diving: Individual champions: Men: Krishna Naik (13). Women: Karishma Mohite (14).