A taste of home

A taste of home

The thali

Step into ‘Ghar Ka Khana’, a small eatery in Koramangala, and the first thing that strikes the senses is the strong aroma of freshly-ground coriander chutney. In fact, the cooks at this joint prepare batches of the chutney everyday, and serve a generous dollop of it with practically every dish — hot phulkas, paranthas, raw onion salad and even rice and ‘dal’.

Not surprisingly, given the name of the eatery, the food here is simple and quite homely. In fact, Paresha Namdar — who began ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ around seven years ago — says that she’s been quite determined, since its inception, to create a home-like environment for people to tuck into some hearty fare.

Paresha came to the City in 1995, and noticed almost immediately that there was a huge demand for simple North Indian food here, especially from professionals who had recently migrated to Bangalore.

“I was staying at BTM Layout at the time, and the first floor of our house was empty. So I decided to start the eatery there. It was an instant hit, and around six or seven months later I opened another outlet in Koramangala,” she recollects.

Over the years, the eatery has gained a loyal customer base. The prices here are moderate enough that most of them — predominantly young professionals, says Paresha — treat it as a mess and eat one or two meals here every day.

Accordingly, Paresha has introduced what she calls a membership card. Customers can now buy themselves a card, which is valid for eight days, and save themselves around Rs five per meal.

Paresha prepares a fresh menu on a day-to-day basis — she makes sure to include certain staples, like phulkas, puris, and paranthas, along with a different green vegetable and dal each day.

“I make sure the menu is different each day because most of our customers are regulars — they get bored of eating the same kind of food time and again,” she explains.

The cooks, says Paresha, are all from different parts of North India. “Some are from Bihar, some from UP and others from Rajasthan. When I first started off, I had very few cooks as there weren’t many customers. I taught them myself how to make different dishes.

Over time, we began hiring more cooks and the experienced ones passed on their knowledge,” says Paresha. The eatery also has a buffet option — for a price of Rs 75, customers can treat themselves to a counter which includes dishes such as potatoes in gravy, phulkas, dal, rice, chutney, pickle and salad.

The Sunday Buffet, which costs about Rs 5 more, includes a few more vegetarian dishes. Customers can also eat food by the cup — while a generous cup of rice, dal or vegetable and gravy costs about Rs 20, a cup of curd costs about Rs 7 and individual phulkas cost Rs 8 — with the option of adding a dollop of ‘ghee’ on top.
For details, call 9845018962.

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