Bogged down by rumours

Bogged down  by rumours

The unit of Parole seems to be dogged by dissent and rumours — all negative and unnecessary. The hapless young cast had to fend off questions, with Pradeep insisting that everything was fine and requesting the press to believe him.

Joining him was director Shekhar who ‘clarified’ that no such ‘incidents’ had happened while shooting and professed no knowledge of things that happened before or after the shoot.
To cap it all, producer-editor Suresh Urs was conspicuous by his continued absence. None of those present had a peaceful face, except maybe Supritha who had her usual smile.

The director got the first portion of the shoot already edited before beginning the final schedule. He has now roped in Imran Sardariya to choreograph a special song for the rock band in the film. Imran, busy chalking up details, told us that this song would be shot in a single day, unlike his other compositions. Imran has planned to gather 300-400 youth at the Acharya College and finish the song between 9 am and 6 pm.

Nikhil Shetty, Sharat Kumar, Suraj, Vishwas — all of them showed their pearly white teeth but the enthusiasm and interest was missing. Did the team by any chance have any premonition about the jailbreak that happened on Monday?

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