'Mantra' is more powerful than 'yantra', says Admaru seer

'Mantra' is more powerful than 'yantra', says Admaru seer

Discussions mark international year of Astronomy-09 in Udupi

Delivering the keynote address on the occasion, Mangalore University former Registrar Dr Chandrasekhar Shetty opined that going back in times to see how the brilliant minds could come up with revolutionary ideas and the benefits of these inventions to the future generation, is very much essential.

The year is observed to commemorate Galileo’s significant contributions to the space technology.
He has been credited with the remarkable insight in interpreting the natural phenomenon. He was the pioneer who used mathematics to describe physics.
He proposed the contradictory thoughts as against to the Geo Centric theory put forth by Aristotle. Galileo supported the Helio Centric theory proposed by Copernicus. But he had to pay the price for his innovative thoughts, he said.
In 1979, exactly after 100 years of Physicist Einstein’s birth, Pope John Paul reopened the case of Galileo and an enquiry was conducted. In 1992, Roman Church admitted to the errand with Galileo. Study of Astronomy is very much significant in the sense, it has enabled many number of discoveries and theories, Dr Shetty said.

Science vs vedantha
Speaking after inaugurating the programme, Admaru mutt Seer Sri Vishwapriyatheertha Sripada said that lack of synchronisation between science and Vedantha has kept the world in dark. The greater innovations achieved by Indian saints in olden times have been reinvented and reintroduced by the western scientists. “Mantra” is more powerful than “yanthra”.

The origin of earth is itself a mystery surrounded with the existence of the Lord, he said.
Delivering the special talk on “Shining black holes of growing galaxies,” Dr Prajwal Shastry from Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, said that Galileo was the core of two doctrines. He believed in science for people and experimenting with the ideas. Space between stars is not totally void as observed from the earth, she added.  

Association of Physics Teachers of Mangalore University President Prof Ramesh Bhat, Dr S Chatterjee, PPC Principal Prof Rajmohan and others were present.

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