Turning pages against ageing, naturally

Turning pages against ageing, naturally


How about using a bit of raisins, ginger, cinnamon and cloves to make your own blend for a tummy upset you had last night? Are you surprised that some ingredients, which are right there in your kitchen, can help you so easily? Authors Minnie Pandit and Dr Amitabh Pandit have revealed the secrets of looking young and cures for heart diseases, Diabetes and several other small ailments in their book Anti-Ageing Exotic Blends.

The book was launched by Ashoke Monga, Area Manager (Karnataka and Kerala) Larsen and Turbo recently. The book appraises a new way to lead a healthier life with a nutritious diet. The authors have put in almost 12 years of research in creating and blending the researched ingredients into lip-smacking and delicious recipes.

The book consists of 53 blends, which help in the transformation of one’s inner body. These blends have been scientifically designed using the improved concepts of orthomolecular sciences, that improves the quality of life at cellular level. The ingredients required for the blends are not very difficult to obtain, they are the usual spices which one uses at home for cooking.

The preparation time for any blend is just two to five minutes. The authors have made exciting blends ranging from children to the people who have reached old age. The blends can be made by one’s domestic help, it is so simple and it can also be stored for atleast two days.

Dr Amitabh Pandit says, “Our blends will make one stay away from the doctor and all the antibiotics which are prescribed. Our blends will help one have a healthy life style and also look good.” 

The book not only gives the method of instruction to make these blends, but it also tells one, the benefits from each blend.

There is an introductory page in the beginning of the book, which gives benefits about every ingredient used for the blends, there is also a benefits column at the end of every blend.

This will help a person zero in on which blend to use for what ailment.
Minnie Pandit says, “Basically this book is about easy anti-ageing recipes based on orthomolecular science and discover a whole new youthful self full of health and vitality. I suggest that this book should be there in every kitchen.”

“This book will help the men, children and the aged to stay away from doctors and the women will stay away from salons,” promises Minnie Pandit.