At peace and in love

At peace and in love

Mr & Mrs Soni

He loves his cup of chai but she is averse to it. He ends up giving a controlled smile for photographs while her expression lights up the frame.

Blissfully together : Juhi and Anup Soni.

She is from a film background while his family has no such connection. Today he is a known name on TV while she is synonymous with theatre. They don’t exchange roses on Valentines’ Day but enjoy reading books to each other.

The two have celebrated their first anniversary and  “Thank God that it has been all well.” Metrolife met Anup and Juhi Babbar Soni when they were in the City to be a part of 30 years of celebration of Ekjute Theatre group.

They have known each other for decades but acknowledged each other’s presence when working together in Begum Jaan, four years ago. Going through troubled times in their first marriages, they struck gold this time round.

When it comes to their relationship, they understand “each other’s moods” but what is important is the respect they share. Juhi believes that “appreciating and complimenting your partner is very important.

You should not take your partner for granted” while Anup feels that “One should not say thank you for a glass of water but yes when I forget things at home in a hurry to leave for work and Juhi foregoes her work to bring them to me, I am extremely thankful to her.”

Juhi adds that relationships are delicate, “It takes a minute to break a relationship that has taken years to build.”

Both are “experienced in terms of life” so much so that their friends often “call up to take advice.” Anup adds tongue-in-cheek, “We have considered opening a counselling firm as we are very good at ‘anger management’”.

When it comes to work, Anup remains busy with TV. His innings on TV has been memorable. “Even today women with kids come up to me and say “We loved you in Sea Hawks when we were in school,” without realising that even I was a 20-year-old who had to don a moustache to look mature in that serial!

“On a superficial level, I prefer acting but I can’t be waiting for a lead role all my life. So I came back to TV. I love doing films but don’t want to run after roles.” 

Juhi’s Bollywood stint was short and feels that she didn’t get her “fair share.” Even though her Punjabi film Yaara Naal Baharan received good response, she rues that hasn’t got “good work.

I’d rather be remembered for one good film rather than being lost in a multi-starrer.” Also, she considers the fact that when she debuted, she “didn’t have the patience and will to wait till I got established.”

As a couple, both love to “analyse people” when they sit together at the end of the day. They disagree on favourite actors but Juhi amusingly shares Anup’s liking for Priyanka Chopra while Anup points towards SRK.

As Juhi is about to get busy with her children’s workshop, Anup winks and says, “Tum bachon ke fathers se thoda dur hi raha karo.”  

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