'Stage is my life'

'Stage is my life'

Her husky voice crooned Shakalaka Baby and bowled cine-goers with cute looks and springy performance in Hey Ram. She won rave reviews for her portrayal of the Indian bride in The Monsoon Wedding. Vasundhara Das today says she is enjoying life to the fullest doing what she truly loves, music.

“Music is where I belong. It’s when I am on stage performing that I get the ultimate satisfaction,” says Vasundhara, who has recently come back from a concert in Ladak. “The tour was a wonderful experience, so was the place, the people and playing music there. Though I have returned, I am still there, mentally,” she adds.

For the past one-and-half years, it may seem that Vasundhara has kept a low profile but in reality, it is just the opposite. “I’ve just done what my heart told me to do! I have started a recording studio in Bangalore. I’m with the World Music Band, touring England and America extensively. I’m travelling up and down, every other week, between Mumbai and Bangalore and have been very busy with playback singing. Most of my songs have been chartbusters. And that’s doing a lot, not lying low! If what I do doesn’t make news, it doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing!” she explains.

Of late, Vasundhara has spread her wings to a new initiation called the Drum Jam, which organises rhythm-based events for the corporate sector with the aim of boosting morale and reducing stress. “We have got 1,000 drums of different sizes which have travelled countries and cities. It is a business venture for me, but whatever I do, I will always be associated with music. If I have to choose between a film and a concert tour, I will take up the latter. There is nothing as thrilling as a live performance. Stage is my life,” she says while adding, “I am exploring different things. I am being little more introspective and I am thinking a lot. Toying with various ideas. There is lot happening but I can’t talk about it now,” she says. With many singers trying their luck at acting, does she feel singers with a good face can become good actors? “I can only speak for myself. I never ever wanted to act. My world was only music. Acting was just a sheer coincidence, a good experiment,” she says.

So will her fans ever see her facing the camera again? “I will be facing the camera soon but only through a reality show,” says she while adding, “I will be judging a reality show along with Shaan called ‘Idea Rocks India’, where we will be giving a platform for already formed bands to showcase their talent.”

Vasundhara strongly says that this reality series will be far different from the ones that have been on air and as a judge, she would try to be as fair and balanced as possible. “I don’t want to be one of those judges who will criticise  everything. I will try to balance myself as far as possible and hopefully, we can source some good musicians,” she concludes.