Care for four-legged on display at Jayciana


Volunteers of People For Animals (PFA) have set-up a stall at Jayciana to attract student volunteers to care for pets, writes Manish

Even as the youth crowd starts gathering at Jayciana, the annual college fest of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, to catch a glimpse of the razzmatazz on stage, a group of budding engineering students are working to attract volunteers to work for the welfare of animals.

The students have set-up a stall for People For Animals (PFA), which has been working to create a strong network of committed people who will protect animals against cruelty and work to bring about a change in attitudes, laws and lifestyles towards improving conditions for animals.

Speaking to City Herald, PFA volunteer admin Vashista S R said about 30 volunteers visit the animal care facility located near Roopa Nagar on Sundays and national holidays to care for the pets. Being students of SJCE, they have decided to set-up the stall in order to raise funds needed for the upkeep of animals. He said volunteers have contributed to sell t-shirts, pens and keychains to support PFA. “The stall has been put-up to improve awareness among youth on how they can contribute to PFA,” he added.

Vasishta said volunteers would be involved in taking care of pets. Those who are afraid of animals can participate in gardening and also help administrative staff in the maintenance of the facility. On becoming a volunteer mentor, they can train new volunteers at the facility. They can also participate in fund-raising events.

Those who wish to donate can sponsor food items such as rice, ragi, oats, milk, fruits and vegetables or salary of any of the employees for a month. People who wish to own a pet but are unable to do so can help PFA by adopting an animal at the shelter. As sponsors you can visit the PFA whenever you wish to and spend time with the animals. Facilities at PFA.

PFA has an animal care clinic for the treatment of homeless animals managed by three veterinarians. The clinic also serves pets, farm animals and wildlife. Services provided at the clinic include out-patient treatment, complete health check-up, animal birth control. x-ray facility, ultrasound facility, surgical care, gynaecological care, dermatology, immunisation and ambulance service.

Animals recovering from injury, surgery or various ailments are allowed to recover in a retaining room where they are housed in isolation. The facility is open for both homeless animals and pets.

PFA is also building a cage-free group living enclosures, which will reduce stress levels and keep animals happy. 

PFA provides supportive treatment such as IV hydration, pain killers and antibiotics.

Dogs, cats are de-wormed, vaccinated and tested for any health issues before being put-up for adoption. PFA provides 24/7 emergency services. It also conducts free health camps in association with animal husbandry department. If you want to join PFA as a volunteer or contribute for the welfare animals then visit the PFA stall at SJCE college campus during Jayciana or contact helpline number 09845654429 for details.

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