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Survival of the fittest

Animal Planet’s latest series, Life of Mammals, introduces viewers to the most diverse group of animals ever to live on earth.

It enlightens the stories of 2,000 species which have outlived the dinosaurs and conquered the farthest places on earth.

The most exhaustive study of the evolution and habits of various mammals is presented in this feature, showcased by Sir David Attenborough.

Watch Life of Mammals on Animal Planet on May 1, Tuesday, at 9 pm.


Travel Wild takes viewers on an exploration of some of the world’s most important environmental travel destinations.

The series showcases stunning destinations and goes below the surface to meet eco-operators, locals and experts who all work together to keep that destination so special.

Tune into this fun, fast paced and action packed show as it goes into the heart of eco-adventure and education.

Don’t miss Travel Wild on Discovery HDWorld, today at 11 am.

Weapon analysis

Combining history, science, technology and revealing demonstrations, the cutting-edge series, Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World, examines the evolution of firearms and how the development of each once changed the face of combat forever.

Keep an eye out for Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World, hosted by former Army Ranger Wil Willis, on May 7 at 10.30 pm on Discovery Science.

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