Ancient lateral thinking

Ancient lateral thinking

The general understanding of evolution presents human development as linear. The thinking goes that man evolved from an uncivilised, barbaric being and over a long period of time, gradually became more civilised and cultured.

This is a shortsighted conclusion. If you go back to early human civilisations, you will find there were very intelligent people living then. Nature has not deprived any generation of any civilisation, culture and refinement. Of course, sometimes life was more cultured and civilised than at other times.

Long ago, time was seen as a wheel or circle rather than linear. A circle means you always come back to the same point. From the Dark Age you come back to the Golden Age. The shift from Old Age to New Age is a shift from prestige to self-esteem. Look back at the past few decades; the values were different. People were more inclined to show off or very much concerned about what other people thought about them. As the New Age begins, values are shifting. In the Old Age, people believed in seeing God somewhere up in the clouds. 

The idea that God is within you is becoming more prominent in the New Age.

New Age people talk in terms of angels and consciousness, with more emphasis on values, on love and on meditation. If someone spoke on love a few decades ago, people would have thought it was something unscientific. The previous age was more head oriented. In the previous age, there was more emphasis on such things as pesticides and antibiotics. Now the emphasis is going back to natural and organic farming. 

People view ancient times as barbaric, but today look at the toys children use. Do they look more refined, civilised? Look at the movies and television, do they show signs of refinement? We are coming back into a "New Age" because time has come to its darkest point. That is why people are becoming more aware of value systems. 

This is exactly what the ancient rishis, sages and saints did thousands and thousands of years ago. You can find these records in Ayurveda, in yoga and other ancient literatures which contain the same principles, of what is now being called New Age thinking. 

In previous decades, business was the main talk; love was secondary. Today love has taken a more prominent place. When the sense of belonging grows in us, love finds its true expression. Not just as a formality, but the presence of it in our very life. 

The best position is to combine the ancient and the new and adapt them to the modern day life and current situations. What knowledge from ancient ages offers us today is a map on which we can do our own research. Everyone has to walk the path and the ancient knowledge can give us guidance. The knowledge will be like lampposts, showing the way from time to time.

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