The city of their dreams

The city of their dreams

Better Infrastructure

For Bangaloreans, the Metro was a long wait and they just couldn’t contain their joy when the first stretch opened last October. What will be the next miraculous development in the City? What would people like to see here that they feel can improve their lives? Metrolife finds out.

Bangaloreans want the Metro work in other parts of the City to speed up.

According to Karthik, a project manager, the City’s strict deadline for nightlife should be eased. “For outsiders who come to the City, what they hear of Bangalore and what they see once they are here, are two completely different things. Known for its music and pubs, it’s quite a surprise to see the City closing down by 11.30 pm. Earlier, the deadline used to be 3 am. Now why suddenly the change in rules,” he asks.

Metro has been a boon according to most people but Karthik feels, “It connects only a limited number of places and closes down early. If the rest of the work could be finished faster with the Metro not closing so early in the night, it would be even better.” Another thing he feels the City needs to have is a restaurant serving cuisines from across the world. “When I went to Singapore, I had been to a restaurant that served all kinds of international cuisines. So it is a boon for the expats. We should have something similar over here,” he says.

Suhaima, a businesswoman, expects ‘better public transport infrastructure’.
“It should also be more proactive than reactive. The authorities need to predict the developments that will take place 20-30 years from now and plan the infrastructure accordingly. With the City becoming bigger and bigger, the business district should be restricted and the density of people per square area should be reduced. That way traffic can be reduced and hygiene can be improved,” he says.

While many thank the Metro for easing the traffic congestion and giving Bangalore the distinction of being a truly world class cosmopolitan City, there are some who also feel that the focus should not just be on maintaining the tag of Silicon City.

Kiran Kumar, a lecturer, says, “Not everyone in the City is connected to information technology. So there should be some focus on the automobile, machinery and agriculture too. But yes, the smoke emitted from such industries is a lot. So an eco-friendly method should be adopted,” he says. He also stresses on the notion of ‘Garden City’.

“More and more trees should be planted,” he feels. According to him, though Bangalore is known for its software, it should have more independent companies developing software, operating system and hardware language.

“We are the masters of computer science, yet why don’t we have companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sun and Java?” he asks.

Looks like with the Metro, the expectations of Bangaloreans have only risen and only time will tell if all their dreams will come true.

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