With eye as motif

With eye as motif

Sweeping and dramatic would be one way to characterise Sameer Hazari’s oils on canvases. The young engineering student tasted artistic commercial success very early on in his painting career spurring him to create this present series of painting, which are quite strongly representational, instead of the abstract format he generally uses.

“My first painting was sold in a coffee shop in the City and I was soon commissioned to do 12 paintings for a building complex.That was very encouraging and really gave me the impetus I needed to work on my present series,” he says.

Always fond of drawing and sketching, Sameer gravitated into painting only recently. His current exhibition titled Visions and Eyes is a series of powerful images using the eye as the central motif and theme running right through the 16 paintings on display. He deals with issues and topics using his art to convey a message or an idea through the theme that he builds around the eye.

Ebony and Ivory brings to the fore racism and discrimination that is present everywhere, Vulnere depicts a frightened girl running away from a invisible threat, Moksh, has a man emerging from a torn canvas. He also has a whole series on eyes per se, which he has used to denote certain ideas and concepts.

The exhibition is on at Renaissance Gallerie till September 13.