4,000 cusec water wasted everyday in drought-hit Yadgir

At a time when the State is reeling under severe drought conditions, about 4,000 cusecs of water gets wasted everyday at the Basavasagara reservoir in Narayanapura due to the lack of maintenance of the reservoir.

The reservoir, which helps irrigate 10 lakh acres of land, has an inflow of about 10,000 cusec of water everyday.  Of this, only 6,000 cusec reach the agricultural lands. The remaining water goes waste as several parts of the 78-km long left and right bank canals are in a dilapidated state. While farmers on one end of the canal receive water, those on the other end are completely deprived of it.

Built in 1982, the Basavasagara reservoir is 492.5 mts high and can hold 37.60 tmc ft of water.  The reservoir not only provides water for most part of the district, but also irrigates farmlands in Raichur, Gulbarga and Bijapur districts.

Mallikarjun Satyampet, a farmer, complains that the revervoir was built for the benefit of farmers of the region, but the negligence of officers in maintaining the reservoir had led to wastage of water. “The gates fixed to the branch canals and distribution canals are broken. As a result, not only is water wasted, but some farms receive more water than necessary turning them marshy,” he adds.

Irrigation expert Bhaskar Rao Moodabulara points out that unlike other reservoirs, accumulation of silt is not such a big problem in Basavasagara reservoir.  In fact, the reservoir has not been desilted since its construction as the need never arose. Silt accumulation is seen near the crest gates, but it gets washed away with the water when the gates are opened.

“This reservoir only needs repairs and maintenance. Officers of the Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigama Limited spend as much as Rs 10 crore to Rs 15 crore every year in the name of temporary repairs, but have nothing to show for the money spent,” he says. Rao adds that a Rs 200-crore project has been taken up for modernising the reservoir and hopes that the reservoir will be strengthened this time.

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