One day, two aunties called Maya and Priya, decided to get an instant fix. They decided to go to the best place they knew for fixes – the friendly neighbourhood (rather expensive, gourmet) bakery down the road.

As they climbed up the steps of the bakery in anticipation, the warm aroma of freshly baked loaves wafted towards them, enticing them to scurry the last few steps towards the bakery counter.

At that very same moment the counter boy removed trays of freshly baked golden loaves of bread and tumbled them onto the counter. It was a beautiful sight. One of the loaves jumped out at Maya and she caught it with open arms.

“Its mine!” she declared happily while Priya clapped her hands in glee.

The counter boy smiled and nodded.

Then the head baker in his tall white baker hat came to see for himself these two excited customers. He greeted them politely and respectfully. He recommended the freshly baked Chocolate Chip Butter Cake specially made for instant fixes. He even told them the secret proportion. “This is a one is to one is to one is to one cake” he said, repeating the word ‘one’ four times. One measure of butter to one measure of flour to one measure of sugar to one measure of chocolate chips.

Both aunties decided that head baker’s recommendation would be best.

Back at home, Maya made coffee and Priya cut the warm yellow cake into thick buttery slices. The cake was as light as a cloud and the chocolate chips melted into drops of heavy sweetness on their tongues. Maya wiped tears of bliss from her eyes.

“Let’s go back and buy another cake” she suggested as she carefully picked the crumbs off her plate and licked her fingers.

But Priya, ever wise and prudent in matters regarding instant fixes, suggested they wait until another day. 

That night the aunties dreamt of tumbling golden loaves, friendly bakers, fluffy butter cakes and showers of chocolate chips. They smiled in their sleep and both of them awoke the next morning in an excellent, rather perky frame of mind to a lovely new day.

Story and artwork:
—pRiyA sEbaStiAn

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