Q I’m a 44-year-old man who has bouts of a “fading away with hunger” feeling that leaves me tired and listless.  When I am at work, I eat as much as I can and carry on working, waiting for the tiredness to go away – this takes around an hour. I’ve had blood tests, but these did not identify any underlying cause. Any ideas?


Three possibilities come to mind. One is that your blood glucose levels are falling – this would explain your symptoms and the recovery about an hour after eating. The second is that you may have a digestive problem, possibly with your stomach. The third explanation is that you may be having a heart rhythm problem that is lowering the blood flow to your brain. Single blood tests taken when you are well would not detect them, so please go back to your doctor.

Q I am 34 years old and have asthma. It got worse in my pregnancy, but was fine as soon as I’d given birth. I’m now keen to try for another baby as my son is two years old, but I worry about the risk to my own and my baby’s health if I were to get swine flu, because having asthma in pregnancy would put me at a high risk. Should I wait before conceiving?

A Thepredictions suggest that swine flu will be with us well into winter, so if you do decide to wait, you’ll have to settle for conception next spring. Is that too long for you? The chances of you becoming severely ill, even with asthma, are still small, but not zero. Talk to your doctor  because he or she has a better knowledge of your case than I could possibly do in this forum, and as such will be better able to assess how much at risk you may be if you were to conceive.