Awakening Millennials

Awakening Millennials

They may be lazy, they may be weird, they may be unconventional but they definitely do care.

The youth of our country, no matter how indisciplined we consider them to be, in the end they prove us wrong every time. Presently, the role of youth in awakening masses and spreading awareness among public regarding social issues, cannot be ignored. Youth groups are playing a vital role in bringing these voices together, and organising them into huge protest groups.

One such group that has proved really effective in promoting social issues among college going youth is - All India Students’ Association (AISA). With the motto of ‘Another World is possible’ , AISA was formed in 1990 in Allahabad by students of various minor organisations. Since then it has expanded to over 15 states, covering more than 20 universities. “To spread awareness among youth, we meet students during admissions, organize seminars, film screenings and street plays. Our main aim is to mobilise the voices of students on various issues,” says Harshvardhan Tripathy, secretary AISA - DU. 

AISA has mobilized the student community across campuses on issues such as opposing fee hikes, against the package of commercialisation of education and the anti-student recommendations of Knowledge Commission and government’s anti-people economic policies.

“For our campaigns we have a dabba system to collect money from students and teachers. Anyone can donate an amount which is comfortable to his/her pocket,” explains Harshvardhan about how the group finds its funds.

Another such organisation working to unite voices of various working class youth is ‘Revolutionary Youth Association’ (RYA). 

Formed in 1996 with the sole aim of reviving the feeling of patriotism and social justice among the young citizens of India, this group has been working across board to fulfill its objectives. “All kind of youths including street cart vendors; labour class or working class are a part of our group. We have people in the age group of 14 to 40 years, who want to do something for the country but are unable to do so. Our job is to organize them into larger groups to bring about a change in our country,” shares Aslam Khan, RYA Delhi-NCR in charge, with Metrolife. 

RYA strictly opposes tax relaxations given to corporates and raise their voice against the scams. “We want youth to think about the present state of the country and where it is going, and how they can make a difference to it.” he adds.

These organizations have proved successful in mobilising youth on a large scale and promoting national interests. They are also working to impart education among youth regarding various social and economic issues of our country that are politically invisible.

In the recent past, we have examples of protests all over the country, where the youth participated in large numbers to support various causes. 

Organised youth groups such as these, are the need of the hour as youth has to find a voice and make their point - loud and clear. 

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