Tunes from the heart


Songs of longingness, loneliness, hope, parenting and child bonding were performed at a concert called ‘Meetings In Music’.

Held recently at the British Council, the concert featured the well-known singer, Moushumi Bhowmik along with Rosalind Acton (cello) and Satyaki Banerjee (dotara, oud and vocals).

According to Moushumi, the concert was a collaboration and celebration of all her encounters with musicians and artistes from around the world.

“It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to meet up with friends and perform as well. So we decided to start off our tour in Bangalore,” she said.

She performed Bengali songs like Pakhir Dana Hai Udai, Badi Kothaye, Doya Koro, Tori Jonno and more.

These songs went beyond the notions of love and belongingness; these portrayed the feelings of freedom and one’s eternal quest for knowledge.

The concert was a beautiful blend of three very different talents — Satyaki’s skilled playing of the dotara and oud and his well-pitched voice, Rosalind’s wonderful cello performance and Moushumi’s beautiful voice.

“You don’t have to be a singer to sing. Anyone can participate in music just by enjoying every bit of it with his heart and soul,” said Moushumi.

Moushumi feels she has gained a better understanding of music and the outcome of her meaningful songs is based on the research she has conducted over the years.

“I have done a lot of documentation and research on the folk music of Eastern India and Bangladesh, which has inspired me to make songs,” said Moushumi.

“It’s difficult for me to pick a favourite style of music because there are so many styles that I like, yet at the same time, there are many that I don’t like too,” she added.

Moushumi said she enjoys every bit of her profession and puts her whole heart into each of her performances. When asked what the best part about being a singer is, she said, “It’s the fact that I don’t have to carry any instrument with me every time I go on stage to perform. My instrument lies within me.”

She has gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration from everyone around her — be it her gurus, fellow musicians, song writers, recording artists or friends.

Not just a singer, Moushumi is also talented in various other fields and spent her
early years as a journalist and publisher.

“People say I cook rather well. I love feeding people,” she noted.  Moushumi Bhowmik’s travels continue and so do her meetings with more musicians.

This concert definitely portrayed such a celebration, doing full justice to the name ‘Meetings in Music’.

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