'Why should we only celebrate victory?'

'Why should we only celebrate victory?'


'Why should we only celebrate victory?'

Australian cricketer Christopher Lynn, also known as Chris, is enjoying the IPL season in the country and is going gaga over his favourite dish — butter chicken.

He feels that his side is batting and bowling well although the Deccan Chargers, on the whole, has not done spectacularly well this season.

“The food is great in India and I am enjoying the cuisine. Sometimes I find it a little spicy but when it comes to butter chicken, I can’t stop gorging on it. Apart from the food, the malls are good. We have been visiting many of these malls to endorse products,” he says.

So what does he like about Bangalore? “I like the weather here and the stores are very nice — the people are very sweet too. I haven’t interacted with many of them but the ones I have interacted with are very friendly. I wish I could shop but there is very little time. The hotel where we are put up is great and I am pretty impressed with the City and its hospitality,” he adds.

The cricketer is busy with the IPL season but when he is not on the field, he likes to spend time with his family. “I like to play on my PlayStation when I am not touring. During the matches, we often don’t manage to get adequate sleep so I sleep off when I am at home. I also like watching television and updating myself with my favourite shows during holidays. Besides, watching movies is another one of my hobbies,” he explains.

Chris is sure to head to an exotic holiday destination after the cricket season is over.

“Thailand is my favourite holiday destination. I will plan a holiday once I get back home as I need a break. I want to get back home and unwind, watch some movies and go for a long holiday with my family,” he says.

He is happy with his team and says that the boys are very friendly and share a good rapport with each other. “The team is really nice and all of us get along with each other pretty well. Kumar Sangakkara is one of the best captains we could have got. He is very encouraging and helps us on the field. It is a great side to play for,” he states.

Chris has some big plans for the next IPL season and does not want to be in India all alone. “This time I have come alone but next year, I would like to bring my girlfriend along. We can probably see some of the famous places in India. Let’s see how it goes,” he smiles.

The IPL matches are often followed by the post-match parties and cricketers are expected to be there. Does he enjoy the parties when the day has not been that great? “Even if we lose, we like to have fun. The parties are fun and we get to meet many people. Why should we only celebrate victory? After all it’s just a game and we learn from our mistakes,” he explains. 

He considers the IPL to be an opportunity where all players make money. Since it’s off season at home turf, he feels players make the best use of this opportunity. “We get to compete with some of the best players from around the world and the competition is great. Even though we haven’t had too many wins, we are enjoying playing cricket,” he wraps up.

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