'Politricks' on for Virajpet Town Panchayat polls

'Politricks' on for Virajpet Town Panchayat polls

Behind-the-screen exercises in BJP and JD(S)-Congress alliance

The post is vacant after the then Vice President S H Mainuddin resigned from his post about 40 days ago. Taluk Assistant Electoral Officer has scheduled the elections on September 16. As per the government circular issued in February 2008, the post of President is reserved for woman and the Vice President’s post is reserved for BCM(A) candidate. Since the reservation continues for 30 months’ period, the rules apply for the Vice President’s post for 12 more months.

The Virajpet Town Panchayat comprises of 16 members- 5 of BJP, 4 of Congress, 6 of JD(S) and one Independent. JD(S)-Congress alliance had occupied both President and Vice President posts from February 2008. The alliance will continue in the present election too. B K Chandru with BCM(A) reservation may be fielded.

In the changed political scenario, eight members of the ruling JD(S)-Congress alliance have moved a no-confidence motion against TP President Kanthi Belliappa. Even after the JD(S) head’s instruction, Kanthi Belliappa has not resigned as President. She has already clarified that she would resign only after the motion is withdrawn.

Hence, there is differences of opinion among some members of the JD(S)-Congress alliance on the continuation of the alliance in the Vice President’s election. The party leaders said to have assured that they will settle the differences of opinion. Besides, the Congress has decided to issue whip to its members during the elections. The party leaders are expected to take the JD(S) members too into confidence. There are 11 members in the alliance. The Congress leaders feel that the Vice President’s post will go to them if at least 9 members cast their vote.

In BJP, B M Kumar, a BCM(A) candidate is the aspirant for the post. If the alliance members with differences of opinion and the Independent woman candidate support BJP, it may pose challenge to Congress-JD(S) alliance.  Both sides are rigorously planning how to secure the post. Whether the Congress-JD(S) alliance succeeds or the BJP, one will have to wait and watch.